The Meta Biomed Ceraseal Root Canal Sealer is a Calcium silicate-based Bioceramic Root Canal Sealer made by Ceraseal. It is a sealer that has been pre-mixed. It is possible for Calcium Hydroxide Ca(OH)₂ to be highly biocompatible despite having a high pH because it has an antibacterial effect that eradicates the germs that are present in the root canal. Ceraseal does not experience shrinkage when placed in the root canal. In addition to that, it does not grow in any way. By maintaining its original volume in the canal, it protects the canal against bacterial infection and odontoclasis. As a result, the one cone method of obturation may also be carried out.

Calcium silicate absorbs moisture from the tissues that surround the root canal in order to form CAH (Calcium Aluminate Hydrate) gel and CSH (Calcium Silicate Hydrate) gel. Additionally, some calcium hydroxide crystallisation takes place during this process.

Ceraseal, which is made of calcium silicate, creates an environment that is very biocompatible with the tissues in the root canal. It is apparent that this is the bioceramic sealer of the future generation, which has great sealing performance as well as biocompatibility.

Because of the high pH of Calcium Hydroxide, it has an antibacterial effect that eradicates the bacteria that were previously present in the root canal.

The formation of crystals of calcium hydroxide is caused by the chemical interaction between calcium silicate and moisture found in the dentinal tubules. Because of its response, CeraSeal is completely and totally hermetic in the root canal, preventing germs from spreading. This is important because bacteria may cause infection.

Ceraseal does not experience shrinkage when placed in the root canal. In addition to that, it never at any point expanded. By maintaining its volume despite the presence of germs and odontoclasis, it protects against both of these conditions. As a result, the one cone method of obturation may also be carried out.

When the MTA or MTA-based sealer has not completely dried and there is exudate present in the root canal, the wash-out phenomena may take place. This is the circumstance in which the wash-out phenomenon may take place. The term "wash-out phenomenon" refers to the process by which a sealer is removed by the action of physical forces. Ceraseal decreases it since its products cure much more quickly than those of other firms.


In the root canal, CeraSeal creates a hermetic seal that is flawless and complete.

It stops the spread of germs in a manner that is effective.

Unique stability

Ceraseal does not contract or expand when placed in the root canal.

Odontoclasis may be avoided as a result of the tooth's consistent volume.

Obturation may be done using the single cone approach if necessary.



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