Order Policy

Orders by Buyers and/or Users are subject to acceptance by Thedentaldealer as per the availability of the Product. If a Buyer/User places an order on Thedentaldealer’s Website, this shall constitute acceptance of these Terms as listed on Website by the customer. No terms and conditions that either vary or are contrary to these Terms of Use shall be binding upon Thedentaldealer unless specifically agreed to in writing and signed by Thedentaldealer.

Order related queries:

1. You may first "sign up" and then add products of your interest to the cart. checkout with you address and payment preferences.

2. In case of any other issues or queries, please reach us at +91 9315395405. 

3. Your order confirmation and order statuses will reach you on your email and phone (through sms) 

4. The Date of delivery for your order depends primarily on the type of products which you have ordered and how long it takes for Thedentaldealer to ship those products out, and your Pin code. Shipment partner is chosen based on the service effectiveness in your geography, and other related parameters. (You can also reach out to our support team for current status of your order or any other updates, if needed.)

5. We strongly recommend the customers to plan their material requirements ahead of schedule, to ensure minimum impact on patient schedules, in case of any shipment partner delays. But, in unavoidable scenarios, please reach out to our support team ([email protected] or +91 9315395405) for help in getting your products across to you faster.