A Guide To Meta Biomed Ceraseal

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Almost everyone is facing mouth problems, some have cavities issues, someone’s teeth are disordered or someone’s teeth are starting to get unrooted on their own, etc. but none of the persons are trying to figure out things, like why it's happening and if there is any way to cure these problems? So, the answer is yes! There are many ways to cure dental problems.


You can go to hospitals and concern doctors about your dental issues. They always ask you to operate on your dental part to cure it or they will give you medicines, tubes, fluid for mouthwash, and many more medicines which take too much time to cure your dental problems.


Most of the persons are facing the problem of infected root canals. If you go to the hospital and are concerned about this problem with your doctor, then mostly they will give you two options.


  1. Completely filling your root canal with resin cement, which can be prescribed by many doctors to fill your root canal with that material and cure it. Or,


  1. They will introduce you to some best Meta-Biomed products, which can help you to cure your root canal problems.


Yes, Meta-Biomed products are famous worldwide. They made dental instruments, fillers for teeth, sutures, medical devices, and bio-related products.


Meta Biomed products:


  1. Meta -Biomed Adseal

  2. Meta-Biomed Ceraseal

  3. Gutta-percha points.

  4. Metapaste

  5. Metapex


And many more.

Different kinds of root canal sealers.


1. Zinc oxide eugenol containing sealer. 

2. Iodoform containing sealer. 

3. Calcium hydroxide-containing sealer. 

4. Resin containing sealer. 

5. Polyacrylic acid-containing sealer.

6. Silicone-based sealer. 

7. MTA-based sealer. 

8. Calcium-silicate-Phosphate containing bioceramic sealers. 

9. Calcium-phosphate-containing sealers


Meta-Biomed Ceraseal comes in the category of Calcium-silicate-Phosphate containing bioceramic sealers.


Meta-Biomed Ceraseal is one of the leading products of Meta-Biomed company which helps to cure root canal problems


Let’s know about Ceraseal.


Meta Biomed (ceraseal)

It is the second procreation of bioceramic sealers, which shows the outstanding potentiality of insulators. It shows some excellent sealing ability, and also shows unique and optimal stability and biocompatibility.


How it’s calcium silicate help?

Calcium silicate outturns calcium aluminate hydrate (CAH) gel and calcium silicate hydrate (CSH) gel, which helps to consume the moisture from circumforaneous tissues inside the root canal


Now, let’s talk about its features:


  • Outstanding sealing ability:


  1. It inhibits the reproduction of bacteria.

  2. Ceraseal is fully and utterly watertight in the root canals.

  3. A reaction takes place between calcium silicate and mist which produces crystallization of slaked lime or calcium hydroxide ( ca(OH)2).


  • Exclusive stability:


  1. It never enlarges or contrasts inside the canals.

  2. It has stable volume, which helps to prevent us from odontoclasia.


  • Least setting time:


  1. It inhibits the wash-out phenomenon. Many types of sealers are sold in the markets. But, they take so much settling time as compared to ceraseal, which takes half of the time taken by other sealers. 



  •  It may only be used in dental care.

  •  Keep it away from children.


Physical properties:

  • It takes 3.5 hours as a set time.

  • It has a PH of less than 12.

  • The radiopacity of ceraseal is less than 8mm.



  • It expands slightly during the time of settling.

  • Soluble may weaken dentine.

  • Shrinkage can strain tooth structure.


After knowing about Ceraseal, I’m very sure that there are some questions that can arise in your mind:

  1. How do you know if the root canal is leaked?

  2. How many times root canal treatment can be done?

  3. After this whole procedure of root filling, do our nerves come back or not?

  4. What problems arise if gutta-percha is impoverished?

Don’t worry at all, I’m here to clear your and every doubt. So let’s start!!

Root canal treatment can be done twice or thrice, or sometimes 4 to 5 times more. It totally depends on doctors as well as your dental capacity to hold such pressure because after filling sealers in your root canals, it stretches down, or sometimes if gutta-percha is overextended, then it creates more chances of not finishing endodontic therapy perfectly. The only reason for gutta-percha extension is surgical procedure because, during the time of surgery, there would be more chances that gutta-percha can be extended.

That is why doctors prescribe using a non-surgical procedure during the time of root filling.

If you feel like some tenderness, biting, or a pimple-like bump inside your mouth, then your filled root canal is leaked. 

After the whole root canal filling procedure, our roots and all the organic material are removed inside the mouths because the roots are filled with a material known as gutta-percha that totally blocks or sealed our root canal. So, there is no chance to get out nerves back.

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