Light-Cured Temporary Restorative Material, used as Temporary Restoration

 BIOPLIC is a visible light-cured temporary filling material.

·       Should be applied purely in the prepared cavity, without need to carry through the acid conditioning or to use dentin primer.

·       BIOPLIC is a resinous material, after activation for visible light (light-cured device), hardens, acquiring a elastic consistency, to seal the cavity temporarily.


Methacrylate groups (40%) organic filler (25, 18%) silicium dioxide, catalysts and sodium fluoride, pigments, and catalysts


Indicated to seal temporarily cavities in dentistry, prosthesis and endodontic, the temporary sealing of screw on the implant.

As a matrix on occlusal sculpture in posterior teeth restored with composites


·       BIOPLIC is ready to use product

·       Easy removal

·       Provides comfort to the patient because doesn’t need bur to removal

·       Working time reduced

·       Does not adhere on the instrument

·       Excellent border sealing

·       Light Curing

·       Aesthetic

·       Compatible with resin restorations as its Eugenol free formulation


·       It is compatible with composite resin restorations because it does not contain Eugenol.

·       The recommended time of permanence of the product in the patient as restoring provisory is of up to 30 days. In cases of the temporary seal of the screw on implantation, replace every 30 days.

·    When used as provisory material restorative, after light-cured it absorbs water of the saliva, it suffers a light expansion doing a negative pressure in the wall of the cavity guaranteeing an efficient seal capacity.

·       Seal the access to the cavity protecting the dentinal canals exposed or the entry of the canal root, blocking the passage of fluid, bacteria and toxins.


·       Light cured: For 40 seconds (exposition single)

·       Approximately 50 applications


2 x 2gm Syringes



·       STEP 1: Clean and dry the cavity

·       STEP 2: Apply Bioplic in one block only into cavity

·       STEP 3: Use an appropriate plugger to mold the desirable shape

·       STEP 4: Light cure for 40 + 10 seconds

·       STEP 5: Check the occlusion and wear necessary


·       STEP 1: Use instrumental to remove Bioplic from the cavity

·       STEP 2: Proceed permanent treatment