Gutta-percha points are a kind of extremely compressible substance that may be used in combination with the majority of endodontic sealers to fill in a root canal that has been prepared. Gutta-percha, when used in conjunction with a root canal sealer, is intended to provide an endodontic seal that is full and permanent, hence reducing the recurrence of endodontic diseases.

Both the heated vertical obturation method and the cold obturation technique, often known as a single cone or lateral compaction, may be performed using gutta-percha. The points are radiopaque for simple follow-up with an X-ray, and they are rigid while yet being flexible enough to follow the contours of the canal.

The whole range of gutta-percha points consists of points that are 28 millimetres long. These points have a conicity of either 2% (0.02), 4% (0.04) or 6%. (0.06). Due to the variety of conicity, it is possible to achieve a precise fit to the root canal that has been constructed. Each of the ISO-standardised points has a colour code that makes it simpler to identify it, and it also has depth markers that allow for exact insertion at the necessary length (marks at 16 mm, 18 mm, 19 mm, 20 mm, 22 mm and 24 mm). 

After a root canal procedure, a tooth will often have a filling made of gutta-percha placed in it. The diseased portion of the tooth, also known as the pulp, is removed during the root canal process. After the canals of the tooth have been thoroughly cleansed, sterilised, and then filled and sealed, the tooth is said to be healthy again. The thermoplastic filling material known as gutta-percha is the substance that is heated and crushed into the canal of the tooth before being sealed with adhesive cement.

The third and last part of the endodontic triad is the establishment of a full and fluid-tight closure along all three dimensions of the root canal system. Gutta-percha (GP) is the material that has been used for the longest time and comes the closest to fulfilling this requirement. There are many other materials that have been explored and tested as a filling material for endodontic procedures. In addition to this, it has shown its efficacy using a variety of methods of obturation while still adhering to its fundamental requirements. 

Each point made of gutta-percha is precisely the right size and contour. The items are arranged in drawers for packaging. Assortments are available.

Meta Gutta Percha Points - You'll save time and have an easier time filling in the preparations with files.

In order to obturate the root canal more quickly and with less difficulty. Available in a variety of sizes, with length markings.

Excellent radiopacity. Having a long shelf life and ensuring its freshness condensation may occur in both the vertical and lateral directions.


Gutta percha of the highest quality that has been hand rolled into a uniform thickness.

rigid, but flexible, in order to give the best possible working capabilities.

Excellent radiopacity.

Prolonged shelf life with guaranteed lack of staleness.

Condensation may occur in both the vertical and lateral directions.

There are a number of different sizes and types of packaging to choose from.


Helps save time and is simple to fill out.

In order to obturate the root canal more quickly and with less difficulty.

Variable tapers & sizes.

Length marking available.



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Pack of 120 points

             Made from the Finest Gutta Percha Uniformly Hand Rolled

             Suitable for vertical and lateral condensation


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