After a tooth has been cleaned, the substance known as gutta percha bar is the one that is used to fill it. It is a form of thermoplastic filling that is heated and then pushed into the tooth canal. Gutta percha is one of the materials that may be used. After that, an adhesive cement is used to seal it. Gutta-percha is a refined and coagulated latex that is derived from trees belonging to the genera Palaquium and Payena (Sapotaceae) in Malaysia and Indonesia. These trees may be found growing wild as well as being farmed.

There are only two methods to treat a tooth that has gotten severely broken or infected: extraction or root canal therapy. Neither of these options is ideal.

The only option to save your tooth is via the procedure known as a root canal. During the operation, the decay will first be removed, then the infection will be treated, and finally the tooth will be filled and sealed. After a tooth has been cleaned, the substance known as gutta percha is the one that is used to fill it.

The tooth canal is filled with a form of thermoplastic material known as gutta percha bar, which is then heated and compressed into place. After that, an adhesive cement is used to seal it. This substance, which is utilized as a permanent filler in root canal treatments, may be derived from a number of different tree species that are native to Malaysia.

Meta manufactures gutta percha points with a broad range of variations in terms of their properties and sizes, according to the requirements of each individual user. Regular points are points that are regular in shape, have a non-distorting crimp, and are both firm and flexible so that they may be handled more easily. All of the points have a very long shelf life, are quite radiopaque, and may be condensed in either the vertical or the lateral direction. An Endo Organizer is also offered, which is a leak-proof cylinder with 12 separate compartments that are able to hold 240 points in sizes 15-80.

The length indications that are provided on the side of the Meta Special Taper Points are the key to their efficacy as time-saving tools that make it simpler and faster to obturate root canals. These provide an accurate measurement of depth thanks to the stripes that are located at 24 mm, 22 mm, 20 mm, 19 mm, 18 mm, and 16 mm. This reliable, user-friendly, and speedy filling tool is offered with a taper that ranges from.04 to.12 in size.

The meta gutta percha bar points may be purchased in a wide variety of various package configurations to suit your needs. You have your choice of the sliding type dispenser, the regular 6-compartment dispenser, 6 round vials, 6 square vials, the 4-compartment dispenser, or the standard 6-compartment dispenser.

Consistency in size and shape is ensured by using only the finest gutta-percha bar, which is rolled out uniformly to highly precise tolerances. During root canal treatments, gutta-percha points are used when it is time to fill canals after they have been shaped and cleaned.

Gutta Percha Bar There are ten bars in each package. Developed for compatibility with obturation guns of all brands. made in a certain way that makes it very flowable. Simple to heat up and simple to work with. Gutta-percha of the highest possible quality ensures a smooth and consistent flow no matter the size or form of the object.



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